The students are our prime concern and hence we lend them all the support in all their endeavors at realizing their dreams. Their stay in the college is made memorable by the congenial atmosphere provided by the staff members.

Students Opinion:

This college is providing all the facilities to cater the needs of students to meet the challenge of Global world with some special features like Qualified lecturers, Qualitative teaching, well equipped computer labs and pleasant environment. This enables us to gain knowledge and succeed in life.

Rajesh II P.U.C [CEBA]

In my college every time I meet somebody I put my hands in front and say "Namaste". It indicates I honour the place where the entire universe usides

Day by day we come across delightful thoughts of some great individual like Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Vivekananda, Mother Teresa, Kabir Das. These thought inspires us to modify our life and to achive all our dreams. My college is a boon for me to leverage my skills and talents and to make sucess as a past of my life.

Asma II P.U.C [HEBA]

Every students are getting every facilities from this trust and enough knowledge for learning.

"Knowledge leads to units, ignorance to diversits"

Likitha I P.U.C [CEBA]

I am proud to be a part of seshadripuram evening P.U college for which I would like to thank our principal for admitting me in the college as I never felt that I was studying in evening college, because my lecturers have shaped my hidden talents to utilize them correctly to reach my goal.

Nikhil M C II P.U.C [HEBA]

I feel proud to say I was an ex student of Seshadripuram evening P.U. college. I was an average student but I am proud in P.U. securing second class in the year 2006-2007. This is only because of my lecturers coaching, motivation and my efforts. I shall be greatful and thankful to principal who's kind natured, gave me a chance to call myself as a student of this college by giving admission.

Shashi II P.U.C [CEBA]

I would like to thank our principal who has been very kind and has been as a hard as nails (unsentimental) all the lecturers have watched us like a hawk and helped us in hard cheese (difficult time). The lecturers have brought out our hidden talent. In this pretty world, our college has contributed best services to the students.

Thavaselvan II P.U.C [HEBA]

The campus of this college is much better than compared to other day colleges. They maintain discipline and time sense. Here the principal gives encouragement to the students in the purpose of education, cultural activities and also the teaching is best compared to other colleges.

Kiran Kumar M. I P.U.C [CEBA]