Evening Pre University College


  1. Irregular attendance, loitering in the corridors, roaming within the College premises, disrespect towards the members of the staff or bad moral influence will lead to dismissal.
  2. In alertness, in difference in respect of any subject due any reason, showing any aversion towards studies will be viewed with seriousness and action will be initiated against them.
  3. Throwing waste paper, defecting the walls and committing within the College premises is punishable.
  4. Ragging, teasing, misbehaving is totally prohibited within the college premises.
  5. Students must not scratch or spoil the furniture. Any kind of damage done to the college property must be made good by the persons responsible for it.
  6. Every student shall have with his / her the text books and note books required for the class that he / she attends.
  7. Students are required to attend the classes regularly. In sue; circumstances when a student cannot attend classes, leave letters must be submitted to the Class Teacher.
  8. Student who has not put in 75% of attendance in each of the subjects comprised in the course will not be eligible to appear for the Public Examination. The names of irregular students whose attendance is less than 75% will be notified on the Notice Board, once in every two months.
    1. Collecting funds for any purpose
    2. Putting up notice on the college Notice Board and
    3. Arranging excursions and tours.
  9. Bicycles and Scooters shall be left in the in the Cycle stands and not parked in the open yard or the quardrangle or under portico
  10. Students should refrain from activities which disturb the orderly academic life of the College.
  11. There will not be any Students Union. However, all cultural, curricular and co-curricular activities will be organised through different forums Membership in these Association which is purely voluntary.
  12. Any breach of rules of discipline will entail punishment such as suspension from College or recommendation for rustication depending on the seriousness of the indiscipline Committed by the student as determined by the authorities.

The students should see the Notice Board of the Institution periodically for announcement regard class tests, terminal examinations, special classes, function award of scholarships, attendance etc. Failure to do so cannot be an excuse for loss of any benefit. The Institution is in no way responsible for the fault of the students.


The parents/guardians are requested to pay frequent visits to the Institution and enquire regarding the progress and attendance of their wards. Any representation from the students / parents / guardians regarding shortage of attendance at the end of the academics year will not be entertained.